Recent Credits

Nazi Megastructures 60’ Factual Series Darlow Smithson/National Geographic/PBS
In a quest for world domination, the Nazis and its Axis ally Japan, built some of the biggest and deadliest pieces of military hardware and malevolent technology in history. This episode follows the story of the Japanese Megaship: The Yamato.

Series Producer: Erika Dodds


Inside Heston’s World 60’ Observational Documentary Series Thoroughly Modern Media/SBS
Heston Blumenthal heads to Australia as he relocates his three Michelin starred restaurant ‘The Fat Duck’ to Melbourne as a pop up restaurant.

Series Director: Rebecca Arnold


Mine Hunters 60’ Factual Entertainment Series RDF/National Geographic
An elite mining team and gem hunter, Guy Clutterbuck, travel the globe working alongside local artisan miners in their search for stunning and rare rough gems.

Executive Producer: Dan Barraclough


Weather Terror 60’ Factual Entertainment Series Darlow Smithson/C5
Documentary series following the hapless Brits who find themselves caught up in extreme and life-threatening weather events.

Series Producer: Erika Dodds


24 Hours in the Past 60’ Factual Entertainment Series Darlow Smithson/BBC1
Six celebrities travel back in time to the relentless graft of Victorian Britain, spending four days in four different 19th Century workplaces.

Series Producer: Rachel Morgan


Man vs Expert 30’ Factual Entertainment Series Magnum Media/Discovery
Ordinary man and hustler Alexis Conran takes on experts at their own game by attempting to change the rules. He takes on amongst others the World’s Strongest Man, a Fishing Legend and the America’s multi winning Bowling Champion, plus he gets a Ballet Dance to race a Marine across an assault course.

Series Producer: Ben Jessop


Burger Bar to Gourmet Star 4 x 60’ Observational Documentary Betty TV/Ch. 4
Fine cutting & finishing. Some of the country’s top Michelin starred chefs take on the challenge of transforming cooks from greasy spoons, pubs, and cafes to make them world class.

Executive Producer: Ian Carré, Series Producer: Zoe Page


Katherine Mills: Mind Games 30’ Light Entertainment Series Objective/Watch
This show sees psychological illusionist Katherine Mills perform stunning acts of mind control and spectacular displays of mind magic that don’t seem possible.

Series Director: Jon Richards, Executive Producer: Matt Crook, Series Producer: Martin Turner


Bangkok Airport 60’ Documentary Series Keo Films/BBC3
Documentary series delving behind the scenes of the South-East Asian hub, following the Thai staff who keep the airport running and the arrivals and departures of British tourists who need their help.

Series Producer: Fiona Inskip, Executive Producer: Paula Traffod


Auf Wiedersehen My Pet 2 x 60’ Factual Entertainment Shine/ITV1
This series sees pet owners who, for personal reasons, have to make the tough decision to give up their much loved animals. They are matched with a trio of potential new owners, all desperate to offer the pet a loving new home.

Series Producer: Suzanne McGairl


A Garden In Time

‘Biddulph Grange’ & ‘Nymans’

2 (of 4) x 60’ Documentary Keo Films/BBC4
Historical documentary series looking at four unique National Trust gardens designed and built during important periods of British history.

Series Producer: Ant Palmer, Executive Producer: Katy Buchanan


Secrets Of The Pickpockets Abroad 1 x 60’ Documentary RDF Media/Ch. 4
With access to the police agencies of Barcelona and Benidorm and a cast of frustrated local expats, this documentary gets a close-up view of the action as Brits arrive for their holidays.

Executive Producer: Dan Barraclough


Fight Back Britain  4 x 30’ Factual Entertainment RDF Media/BBC1
Series featuring video footage, CCTV and interviews that reveals how members of the public have taken a stand against crime.

Series Producer: Fiona Inskipp, Executive Producer: Dan Barraclough


 Britain’s Brightest 60’ Game Show Series  RDF Media/BBC1
Twenty-four ordinary people have their intelligence tested in a variety of ways including memory, speed and emotional intelligence.

Executive Producer: Peter Usher, Series Producer: John Ireland


Love Machine: Love Bites 2 x 60’ Light Entertainment


Princess/Sky Living


VT inserts and show stitch of 1 x 60’ episode. The latest couples discuss what happened during their romantic getaways, and reveal whether the trip has sparked a potential romance.

Producer: Jess Thomas


 Breaking Magic 30’ Entertainment Series Objective/Discovery USA
The science behind magic tricks, featuring magicians from around the world as they explore the physics, chemistry and biology that make illusions possible.

Executive Producer: Paul Gilheany, Series Producer: Andy Scott


Grave Trade 2 x 60’ Factual Entertainment ITV Productions /History
This series follows, T Cribbs & Sons, one of the UK’s longest running funeral businesses, as well as a team of archaeologists as they excavate bodies from Roman, Saxon, medieval and post-medieval sites from across the country.

Executive Producer: Ollie Tait


The Bank Job VT Inserts & Pre-Titles Endemol/Ch. 4
TV event giving contestants the chance to pull off the ultimate heist and walk away with a life-changing sum of money.

Executive Producers: David Flynn & Tom Blakeson


Britain’s Best Dish: The Chefs 60’ Cookery Ent. Series ITV Productions/ITV1
Competition to find the best starter, main and pudding in Britain.

Executive Producer: Ed Sayer


The Magicians Series 2 60’ Entertainment Series Shine/BBC1
Magic duo, Barry and Stuart, return to this primetime Saturday evening series and this time are joined by magicians Pete Firman and Latimer. Each magician will be paired with a different celebrity partner each week. Together they will perform four illusions, from the classics to the never-attempted before, from nowhere-to-hide street magic to show stopping grand illusions and high pressure close-up. Executive Producer: Karen Smith, Series Producers: Will Stokes & Richard Greenwood


Super Sweet World Class 1 x 30’ Entertainment Maverick/MTV UK
An access all areas show following one young person’s incredibly exciting journey as they plot, plan and prepare the party of a lifetime.

P/D: Warren Smith, Executive Producer: Simone Haywood


Britain’s Ugliest Rooms 4 x 30’ Factual Entertainment Red House TV/Home
Designer Gordon Whistance unearths the worst in DIY disasters, dodgy decorating and downright bad taste, and gives the offending rooms the perfect makeover.

Series Producer: Karen Brown, Executive Producer: John Silver


The Pride Of Britain Awards VT Inserts ITV Productions/ITV1
Hosted by Carol Vorderman, the Daily Mirror’s Pride of Britain Awards 2011 is packed with breathtaking stories of heroism and courage, uplifting and moving moments and hilarious celebrity surprises.

Executive Producer: Tim Miller


Help! My House Is Falling Down 60’ Factual Entertainment Series Redhouse TV/Ch. 4
Sarah Beeny presents the second series of Help! My House Is Falling Down, as she and a team of experts set out to rescue more houses that appear to be terminally ill.

Series Producer: Nicola Key


Psychic Sally: On The Road 2 x 60’ Factual Entertainment ITV Productions/Sky Living
Series 3. Sally Morgan claims to receive messages from the dead while touring the UK to packed theatres and doing individual readings to a selection of celebrities.

Series Producer: Lee Servis


House Gift 60’ Factual Entertainment Series ITV Productions/ITV1
Three experts, one mission: to find the perfect house gift. It’s all about style, creative thinking and intense competition. All to win the hearts of one couple in need of inspiration – but there’s a twist – each gift is worth £200, £500 or £1,000, but they only get to keep one house gift and they have no idea how much it costs…

Series Producer: Julie Thomson


Hidcote 1 x 60’ Documentary Keo Films/BBC4
Documentary exploring Hidcote Manor garden; the jewel in the National Trust’s crown and one of the most influential English gardens of the last hundred years.

Producer/Director: Ant Palmer


My Pet Shame 60’ Factual Entertainment Series Tiger Aspect/Sky 1
Joanna Page (Gavin & Stacey, Love Actually), looks at pets and the excruciatingly embarrassing ailments they often suffer.

Series Producer: Nicola Key


The Secret Tourist 3 x 60’ Factual Entertainment Outline Productions/BBC1
Matt Allwright goes worldwide to uncover some of the worst holiday scams known. Primetime BBC1 show.

Series Director: Jon Richards, Series Producer: Michelle Chapman


Great British Railway Journeys 5 x 30’ Factual Entertainment TalkbackThames/BBC2
Michael Portillo uses a 150 year old Bradshaw’s railway guide to travel Britain. He discovers what the Victorians did to help shape Britain today and what changes have taken place.

Series Producer: Fiona Cauldwell


Love the Place You’re In 3 x 60’ Factual Entertainment Talkback Thames/Home
Interior design come house makeover show. Members of the public re-discover the homes they live in and with the help of designer Gordon Whistanse.

Series Producer: Karen Brown


Disaster Eyewitness 5 x 30’ Observational Documentary Raw Cut TV/Discovery Ch.
Clip based show featuring specially shot interviews with the victims and eyewitnesses to some of the worst disasters you can find on the internet. High energy, dramatic programme with detailed CGI.

Series Producer: Graeme Thomson.


Hospital Heroes 5 x 45’ Ob. Doc Talkback Thames/BBC1
Fly on the wall documentaries at Kings College Hospital with the Doctors, Nurses and patients. Amazing access with the patients after road accidents, falling off ladders and heart attacks. We see how the medical staff deal with the personal tragedies as well as the medical conditions.

Series Producer: Claire Simpson & Karen Brown


The Real Hustle 18 x 30’ Factual Ent (8 x US vers) Objective Prods/BBC3
I acted as an editing producer mainly working unsupervised as well as writing scripts for this 10 part series. Multicamera undercover filming exposing the latest scams and cons being carried out across the UK today. A highly popular series re-made for the American market. Nominated for an RTS Best Feature & Factual Entertainment Award.

Series Directors: Adam Wimpenny & Jon Richards. Series Producer: Justin Gorman.


Come Dine with Me 4 x 30’ Factual Entertainment ITV Prods/Ch. 4
Four strangers cook a slap up meal and entertain their guests with a view to winning a cash prize. Reversioning the popular C4 show from a one hour into 4 half hours.


Chateau Monty 6 x 30’ Ob-Doc Tiger Aspect/Ch. 4
Top wine critic and author, Monty Waldin, has decided to put his money where his mouth is and pack it all in to make wine bio-dynamically in rural France. He has just over a year to turn 4 hectares into top selling organic wine.

Series Producer/Director: Ant Palmer.